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    Israeli NGO Helping Afghans

    Amid the frantic activity recently, several humanitarian groups have been helping evacuate people from Afghanistan. One is the Shai Fund, a non-profit organization based in Israel providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

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    In Touch - 3rd Quarter 2021

    Explore the meaning of the Gospel; find more Hidden Treasure; hear of Aramaic support for Christian; focus on Hebrew word for ¡®enough¡¯; consider Israel¡¯s New Government; join our prayers; read more on Synod of Oxford; check recommended resources

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    A Time, A Season calendar

    September 2021 to December 2022, with scenic photos of Israel featuring Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; all major Biblical/Jewish Holidays; references for weekly scripture portions plus suggested New Testament readings

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    Christians, Israel and the Struggle for Peace

    This republished booklet explores different perspectives on big questions such as, ¡®How can Jews, Muslims and Christians live together in peace in the Holy Land?¡¯ and challenges Christians to engage with the Bible and with politics in support of peace

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    Kesher Course

    An excellent teaching series on DVD suitable for small groups or large groups. It is made up of 10 sessions, each of which includes a short Hebrew word study and longer study on a topic relating to the Jewish roots of Christianity.

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    Welcome to Israel

    Here is a welcome to the land for those who have not visited

    New to Christian Friends of Israel?

    This short video shows some of our work in the UK and in Israel.

    Kesher Course

    Kesher Course

    Kesher is a ten week course, which aims:

    • To enrich our understanding of Jesus
    • To deepen our trust in God's faithfulness
    • To give us a better understanding of current events in the Middle East

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    Who we are

    Kesher Course

    We are a ministry with a twin focus, we seek to:

    1. Bless Israel through practical and moral support.
    2. Serve the Church with teaching and resources about God`s love and purposes for Israel and the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.

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    Support Israel through

    Kesher Course

    We collect donations for various projects in Israel.

    These include support for Holocaust survivors, new immigrants experiencing hardship, people experiencing trauma as a result of terror attacks and believers in the land.

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